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"Improvement begins with I." ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

Does God Really Exist? An Ode to Reasoning
Table of Contents How many "believers" are there? How and when did religion start?     The Human Evolution in under 1,000[...]
Why Everything in Life Is a Sale (and How To Become a Master Salesman)
Most people associate the word "sale" with something bad. Nowadays it has a negative connotation because when we hear the[...]
Why the Law of Attraction Is a Fraud (also Bonus Lesson Included)
I bet that most of you have already read the ultra popular book "The Secret." The Secret was originally published[...]
The 7 Most Powerful Status Symbols for Men
Have you ever watched an Animal Planet documentary? The next time you happen to see one, just focus on the[...]
Start Winning at Life by Following Schumacher’s Rule
Have you ever watched winning teams or athletes a bit closer? I mean world class level players? Have you ever wondered[...]
Why and How to Start a Mastermind Group Today
I bet you've all watched some football or basketball game on TV before right? I also believe that most of you[...]
You Can’t Escape the Law of Input and Output, Only Embrace it
People sometimes seem too unaware. Even delusional I'd dare to say. They appear to think that just believing and hoping or even[...]
From Consumption to Production, my 3-Step Process to Take Massive Action
Human beings are used to consume. From the time we're born, all we care about is to survive. The first[...]
My 10-Step Wonder Morning Routine to Achieve Greatness
We have a saying here in Greece that loosely translates like this: "You can tell a good day judging from[...]
Human Brain 101: How the Brain Works and How to Train it
"Come on mom," I'm gonna show you how this new app works. It's a piece of cake", I said. "Nah,[...]
The Day I Saw my Ferrari
Somewhere in Athens... Nasos looked Kostas infuriated and said, "Come on man, this can't go any longer. You need to[...]
The Best Investment in the World (With Zero Money)
"Hey man, you know what? I meant to ask you since I did this last gig and I got a[...]
The Golden Rulebook of Dating an Entrepreneur (The 10 Commandments to Glory)
"Roberto, you've phased out again. Did you hear what I asked?" She said. "What is it, babe? What did you[...]
A Well Thought Rant on the Modern Schooling System
I still remember my first day at school. A quite dramatic experience I recall. I was crying and screaming, and I[...]
Every Book I’ve Ever Read (So Far)
You know what they say, poor people have big TV's, rich people have big libraries. Well, although I'm not rich,[...]
Survival Is Not Mandatory
Back in 2014, when I was beginning my long journey on self-improvement, during a video learning course I was watching[...]
Stop Trading Hours for Money Now (the Fast & Safe Way)
Hitting the gym early in the morning has quite a few advantages, like every instrument is available, I can find the[...]
The Singularity Moment: The Day I Took Responsibility
One of my favorite things about being an Internet entrepreneur is the fact that I can have a sunbath, listen[...]
Your Fail-Safe Plan to Financial Freedom Made Simple
You are here because you want more money. I get it. There's nothing wrong with that. On the contrary. Becoming[...]
My First Year as an Internet Entrepreneur
What does success really mean to you? How badly you want it? What if I told you, there is a[...]
The Importance of Money and Why You Need It
Disclaimer: I'm sorry, but today's post is NOT suitable for people with average dreams or for people with no ambitions. I'm[...]
This Is the Only Reason Why You Shouldn’t “Follow Your Heart”
You should have noticed by now. Haven't you? If not, have a closer look. EVERYTHING people do is driven by their[...]
Exactly How I Make $5000 a Month Working from Home
This is a question I get asked very often. How exactly am I working from home? I get many new emails[...]
Why Your Friends and Family Will Not Support You
This actually came as a shock to me. As a wanna-be successful person, you might actually think that your whole[...]
The Law of Averageness (We Don’t Have a Money Tree)
An old time classic. Among my favorite phrases of all time. Although I cannot complain about what my mother offered[...]
Life Does Not Give a Fuck About Love, Only Your Value
Nature is neither cruel nor kind, but utterly indifferent to all suffering. I will start this one with a question.[...]
How to Raise Your Kids to Become Leaders
How easy was your childhood? For real? Well, although I am in no position to know anything about your childhood,[...]
Stop Being Lazy: 5 Pro Tips to Get Your A$$ off the Couch and Make Things Happen
I guess what brought you here is your curiosity to learn how to stop being lazy. Good, that is the[...]
Beta Male: A Simplified Manual (9 Traits We All Love)
Who would't love a beta male? Caring, sensitive and so stressed... What's not to love in that? Wanna learn a[...]
How to Increase Productivity: You Only Need These 3 Simple Things
You want to make money, right? Right! After all, who doesn't? (I have an uncle who says he doesn't but I don't[...]
No Unicorns Where I Come From, the Fallacy of the Supermale
Have you ever seen James Bond? Of course you have. Have you ever seen James Bond being in love and[...]
The Sheer Importance of Having a Solid Plan (Every Time)
Have you ever been out for hunting? or fishing? or chasing hot babes in clubs? I bet you have tried[...]
The Amazing Paradox About Wages and Productivity
For good or for bad, since I was born, I live in Greece. All misery, poverty and unemployment aside, this[...]
The Ideal Man for My Sister (an Authentic Love Story)
For real? Yes, this will be the topic of today's article and trust me, you' re gonna love it. During[...]
Why Formal Education Won’t Make You a Millionaire
Do I need to read and and study on my own to get rich you might ask? Is it really[...]
The 10 Worst Mistakes Average Guys Do on a First Date (Number 6 Is the Worst)
As I promised, from time to time we'll have some posts about the relationships between us (the men) and my[...]
The 3 Pillars of (your) Life
Let me tell you a few things about your life... Nah, that's not the way to start...Let me tell you[...]
Take the Red Pill, aka Shoot your Bad Social Conditioning…Now
This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill -- the story[...]
Impact Millions to Make Millions
If I had to boil it down to one phrase that would be it. What is the shortest road to[...]
Linear Thinking vs Exponential Thinking
One of the most common mistakes people make when they talk about money and wealth related subjects is the connection[...]