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"In the end, your success will speak for itself." ~ Patrick Bet David

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Why and How to Start a Mastermind Group Today
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5 Things I learned from Reading Elon Musk’s Biography
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You Can’t Escape the Law of Input and Output, Only Embrace it
People sometimes seem too unaware. Even delusional I'd dare to say. They appear to think that just believing and hoping or even[...]
The Holy Grail (aka the Unfair Advantage) of Goal Setting
Most people set their goals and resolutions at the beginning of each new year. Yet the majority fails miserably to achieve[...]
From Consumption to Production, my 3-Step Process to Take Massive Action
Human beings are used to consume. From the time we're born, all we care about is to survive. The first[...]
The 90/10 Rule of Money Making
Once upon a time there was a young farm boy. One day his father decided to teach him a valuable[...]
My Personal Development 2016 Annual Review
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My Get Shit Done System for Extreme Productivity Fully Analyzed
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8 Business Rules I Learned from Patrick Bet David (and My Trip to Dallas, Texas)
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What Is Capitalism (in Reality) and Why I Love it
A few days ago, I went over to a local coffee shop in my neighborhood. It's a cute little place owned[...]
Presidential Election 2016: Why It’s None of Your Business
If you live on planet earth, chances are that you saw all the buzz about the US presidential election a[...]
The 3 Sins of Success. Stay Happy, Humble, Hungry
Once upon a time, there was a fluffy little bunny. We'll call him Jon. Jon, contrary to all the other bunnies[...]
5 Online Business Ideas Even Your Grandma Could Start Today (With No Money)
Once upon a time, in a country far far away, there was a young boy. It had a heart of pure[...]
The Day I Saw my Ferrari
Somewhere in Athens... Nasos looked Kostas infuriated and said, "Come on man, this can't go any longer. You need to[...]
The Best Investment in the World (With Zero Money)
"Hey man, you know what? I meant to ask you since I did this last gig and I got a[...]
The Golden Rulebook of Dating an Entrepreneur (The 10 Commandments to Glory)
"Roberto, you've phased out again. Did you hear what I asked?" She said. "What is it, babe? What did you[...]
A Well Thought Rant on the Modern Schooling System
I still remember my first day at school. A quite dramatic experience I recall. I was crying and screaming, and I[...]
Every Book I’ve Ever Read (So Far)
You know what they say, poor people have big TV's, rich people have big libraries. Well, although I'm not rich,[...]
Stop Trading Hours for Money Now (the Fast & Safe Way)
Hitting the gym early in the morning has quite a few advantages, like every instrument is available, I can find the[...]
What’s Your Financial Freedom Goal? Here’s Mine
"For how long are you going to work like a maniac?" she asked. "You put all these hours into working[...]
The Only 4 Key Characteristics Your Next Business Needs
Back at the time (2012), I had no idea about what wealth is and to be honest, I couldn't care less[...]
Your Fail-Safe Plan to Financial Freedom Made Simple
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My First Year as an Internet Entrepreneur
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6 Very Easy-to-Get Habits That Will Boost Your Wealth Tremendously
"We are what we do on a daily basis. Greatness, then, is not a action, but rather a habit," Aristotle[...]
The Importance of Money and Why You Need It
Disclaimer: I'm sorry, but today's post is NOT suitable for people with average dreams or for people with no ambitions. I'm[...]
How to Write A Title That Sells in Less Than 5 Minutes (It’s 3 Actually)
Do you know what is the 2nd (or sometimes the 1st) most important deciding factor, about reading a post or[...]
Exactly How I Make $5000 a Month Working from Home
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Why Your Friends and Family Will Not Support You
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Do I Really Have to Be Obsessed with My Business to Succeed?
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Personal Development 2015 Review, The Highs & Lows
Ah, last day of this year. What a nice cosy feeling. One more year has passed and contrary to everybody[...]
The Law of Averageness (We Don’t Have a Money Tree)
An old time classic. Among my favorite phrases of all time. Although I cannot complain about what my mother offered[...]
These Are the Top 10 Companies to Work for (2016 edition)
Like every year, career and jobs site Glassdoor distributes the 10 best large organizations to work for, as positioned by their[...]
I Beg You, Stop Saying These 25 Stupid Things at Work
Initially, people started using certain phrases in the work environment, in order to manage sensitive-case topics, topics that were hard[...]
10 Differences Between Rich and Poor People: Where Do You Stand?
Being rich is a decision that we should all make. Bill Gates once said, "It's not your fault if you were[...]
The 25 Best WordPress Plugins (2015 Edition)
Does it happen to own a website or blog? If you are, chances are you have built it on a[...]
Mentality or Intelligence? Pick Your Favorite
With regards to achievement, it's anything but difficult to feel that individuals favored with brains are unavoidably going to leave[...]
How to Raise Your Kids to Become Leaders
How easy was your childhood? For real? Well, although I am in no position to know anything about your childhood,[...]
The Single Key to Success: 11 Signs You Have It
Is there a single key to success? If yes, how do I know whether I have it or not? Please[...]
Steve Jobs: The Timeline of a Visionary Genius in 11 Minutes
What happens when you have a near-death experience? Well, according to the general opinion (and the movies) life passes in[...]
Meet the World’s Top 10 Young Billionaires
Life isn't fair.     Joking. Of course it is. But. While some gain their billions; others are naturally introduced[...]
Hiring a Virtual Assistant: the Complete 9 Step Process
Hiring a virtual assistant or VA for short can be a pain, I know. Having read previous week's article, on[...]
Virtual Employee: 7 Reasons Your Business Needs One (Now)
If you are anything like me and you run a small firm, chances are you have faced a lot of troubles[...]
Stop Being Lazy: 5 Pro Tips to Get Your A$$ off the Couch and Make Things Happen
I guess what brought you here is your curiosity to learn how to stop being lazy. Good, that is the[...]
Top 59 Entrepreneurship Blogs You Really Need – The Complete Guide
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How to Increase Productivity: You Only Need These 3 Simple Things
You want to make money, right? Right! After all, who doesn't? (I have an uncle who says he doesn't but I don't[...]
A Marketing Funnel that Converts, Perfectly Explained
Marketing your product is one of the two major factors of success! Wanna know how an effective marketing funnel works?[...]
The Sheer Importance of Having a Solid Plan (Every Time)
Have you ever been out for hunting? or fishing? or chasing hot babes in clubs? I bet you have tried[...]
The Amazing Paradox About Wages and Productivity
For good or for bad, since I was born, I live in Greece. All misery, poverty and unemployment aside, this[...]
Why Formal Education Won’t Make You a Millionaire
Do I need to read and and study on my own to get rich you might ask? Is it really[...]
The 5 Most Influential Books About Wealth You Will Ever Read
Even a journey of 1000 miles, starts with a step. So as I have promised on a previous post -[...]
The 3 Pillars of (your) Life
Let me tell you a few things about your life... Nah, that's not the way to start...Let me tell you[...]
Take the Red Pill, aka Shoot your Bad Social Conditioning…Now
This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill -- the story[...]
Impact Millions to Make Millions
If I had to boil it down to one phrase that would be it. What is the shortest road to[...]
Linear Thinking vs Exponential Thinking
One of the most common mistakes people make when they talk about money and wealth related subjects is the connection[...]