Why Your Friends and Family Will Not Support You

This actually came as a shock to me. As a wanna-be successful person, you might actually think that your whole close environment will be supportive to your endeavors. Right?


People from your surrounding environment won’t be as supportive as you might think, and there are some perfectly fine explanations for that.

Too much social conditioning

No matter what they say to you, bad social conditioning is the main reason people won’t be supportive about what you do.

Average people are completely washed out by social conditioning, which implies that having a 9-5 job is the safe way to go. Your friends and your family have been listening that for so many years, that this mantra has become a core part of their belief system.

Everything outside their comfort zone makes them feel in danger.

Before I could “prove” to my family that I am capable of living out of my Internet business, I heard countless times this exact same thing:

“Having your own business is a big risk, go find a normal job like everybody else”

Poor guys can’t even think for a moment that the risk is where you don’t have control. And when don’t you have control I ask?

Exactly, when you don’t own the business. Although it has happened to them many times over, they fail to see that. If for any reason (legit or not) your boss wants to fire your ass, he’ll do it.

I’ll repeat that once more:

Risk = Lack of Control

As long as I have the control of my business (at least up to the maximum possible point), I personally feel safe.

Let your parents and your friends worry as much as they want. I will explain in the actionable steps below that there is not much you can do about it, besides having some actual positive results to display.

Entrepreneurship is out of reality for most people. Unless you are lucky enough to have your father or your mother as an entrepreneur, you will mostly hear negative feedback and a lot of push-back emotional statements.

All you need is constructive criticism. If you cannot get that, screw their opinion altogether.

You cannot possibly prove anything of what you do, to them, unless you become exceptional yourself.

It is almost as difficult for you as to believe someone who weighs 300 pounds and he says to you “I am on a diet.” I bet the first thought that will come to you is that he is joking.

How is it possible for the guy to be on a diet and have that image?

Well in some rare cases it is. He might have started this diet only a few weeks ago. He lost a few pounds but he is still very fat.

The same analogy works for the wealth marathon as well. Only with a big difference. It takes way longer to have some actual, tangible results than a diet does.

It might take you a couple of years of hard work, reading, studying etc. before your business takes off and you have your first successes.

So unless you see that fat guy become lean, you cannot really believe that what he’s doing really works. Be patient, sooner or later the results will come, and when they come, it’s gonna be so sweet!

Most people will be jealous of you

Although your family, won’t support you because of their ignorance and lack of vision, many people will be negative about what you do, due to their jealousy.

Most people are by nature of beta quality. Mother nature intended this to be like that for her own evolutionary reasons. You can’t do much about that either.

You will meet many of those people in your everyday environment. They won’t like you to make a progress. Every step you’ll make towards your success, the more they will try to bring you down to their level.

Don’t fall into this trap. No matter what their agenda is, you don’t give a damn about it. You have a greater goal to accomplish. You don’t have time to waste on these people.

Course of action

Like I said, there isn’t much you can do about overcoming this difficulty but I will briefly mention what I did when I was back in my early stages.

About the jealous ones

This group is actually pretty easy to handle. Whatever you do, you don’t get into a serious discussion mode with these people. Their goal is not to help you improve or save your ass from making a mistake.

Their subconscious mind, just pokes them to drag you down with them. No positive outcome will ever come out, when arguing with this kind of people.

Just tell them, what they want to hear and you made it. All they need to hear is that they are right. Don’t trust them and don’t let them screw your journey to success. You have chosen your path. They have chosen theirs.

There is no harm to hang out with them every now and then, but do know that the more exposure you have to inferior mindsets, the more you skew your reality, and the more difficult your end goal becomes.

About the ignorant ones

This group is actually harder to handle and I will explain why. Most of the times people in this group will be your family or your close friends. As human beings, we tend to have a strong emotional link with our closest peers.

Whenever we hear an opinion from our father, we tend to get it more seriously just because of the fact that he is our father. By nature, we cannot really judge very well whether this is a rational argument or not. Most of the times our father equals authority to us (by default).

Well, I might let you down with this one, but most of the times, in your entrepreneurial life, your family or friends’ opinion should be filtered very very strictly.

Just because they love you, doesn’t mean they know, what’s best for you. Remember what I said earlier? Most probably, they have been victims of the same social conditioning *money is evil*, *you don’t need money to be happy* etc.

Do your friends and family care for you?


Are they successful entrepreneurs?

If yes, then their opinion might be gold, listen to them carefully and try to learn and implement as much as you can.

According to statistics, though, most of the times they are simple, average people with no specialized knowledge who just throw opinions based on ignorance and not facts.

If your beloved ones, belong to this category all you can do about it is pace and deflect while being patient.

This is probably the best technique there is in such a case.

You don’t have to explain anything to anyone if they don’t want to listen and learn. Just say “I hear you, yes you may be right.” That’s all they need to hear.

You cannot win this fight by arguing about it. You will only win this fight when your business venture takes off, and you will make a ton of money while they struggle each and every day in their 9 to 5 jobs.

Then all of the sudden, you will become the authority. They will come to you for advice. How do you make money online so easily? How is it possible to live off the Internet? I wanna do it as well.

From that moment on you will know you are on fire. As soon as people start coming to you for business advice, you know you are on the right track.

*This, by the way, is another very profitable business. Teach people how to make money online. While most of online courses “how to make money from home” are scams, yours could be different. By the time you will make money, there is no reason why you can’t teach other people how to make money as well – and make some more money along the way 😉

But this is a topic we can discuss on some other article.

For now, all you need to remember is, that you have a greater goal to accomplish in your life. Your time is way too valuable to be spent on pointless arguments and drama. Time will prove you (and me) right, and everybody else wrong.

Just tell them to stay tuned.

Your time is gonna come.

And when it comes, it comes with a bang!