No Unicorns Where I Come From, the Fallacy of the Supermale

Have you ever seen James Bond? Of course you have. Have you ever seen James Bond being in love and committed to a single woman? Of course not. On the other hand, I bet you all have seen Al Bundy in “Married with Children” right? Do you think this guy could really save the world, by neutralizing 100 super terrorists and fuck 200 different women in his life? I guess not…

And there is a good reason for that…

Despite my examples being inspired by fiction, males in nature tend to be separated to Alpha males and well…Beta males. This separation holds true for almost all mammals that live in tribes. Man being a mammal and a primate, belongs to this category as well.

According to Sergei Morozov and his book “Sex and Rank”, the main characteristics that separate Alpha and Beta males, are:

  • Symmetry (mainly the facial symmetry which is a health and good gene indicator)
  • Intellect (how smart the male is and therefore able to overcome difficult situations)
  • Strength (the physical strength and superiority)
  • Self-control (the level of self-control the male possesses during difficult times)
  • Age (the age as an indicator of maturity, experience and skilfulness)

And some secondary ones, which are not going to be discussed for the moment.

As you may have noticed, some of them are physical and some mental. Some of them we are born with, like symmetry or strength and some of them, like intelligence and self control, can be altered and developed with self-improvement.

Of course all of them are not of the same importance for the ladies, but this really depends on their age, background, prior experience, the amount of social programming they have gone through, etc.

The more of those traits a guy has, the more on the side of the Alpha male on the “alphaness” (not really a word) spectrum he is.

Alpha males vs Beta providers

Today’s post is mainly targeted to women. This is my point of view, if I had to give a piece of advice to my daughter concerning her conquest on finding the perfect man.

Let me begin with a story then…

Kate is a hot 18 years old cheerleader on the Arizona high school, Jake is the most popular guy of his class and coincidentally the quarterback on his football team. His father is filthy rich and so every girl likes him and wants to make out with him. He is Kate’s boyfriend for the most part of the movie. On the other hand we have Joshua, who is very good at maths and physics, he comes from a poor family, he is not really good-looking or popular either. He is secretly in love with Kate, again for the most part of the movie. Reminds you of something?

This is a very common theme in almost every teenager movie I have ever seen. Funny thing is that in those movies, most of the times, Kate will eventually choose Joshua the nerd over the hot quarterback in the end. I am not really sure this would happen in real life though.

This is Jake
This is Jake

The more Alpha a guy is (or in everyday terms, the more sexual market value he has) the more the women want to copulate with him. Therefore the more the options at his disposal.  A true Alpha male can literally choose from a huge variety of women of every age, socioeconomic background and hotness factor. They tend to be polygamous mainly because they want to, and well… because it is completely natural.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Beta males. Remember Joshua? Some times referred to as Beta providers as well. What these men are good at (among other things) is to provide their females with every valuable recourse they have.

Most of the times, these resources are mainly emotions (which are not that expensive to be honest), plus some physical, tangible goods (which you can eat, or buy stuff with). These men tend to be very committed to their spouses and they usually are monogamous. This happens mainly due to two reasons:

  1. Their overall value is not high enough to be desirable by a lot of women, therefore their choices are extremely limited.
  2. They are afraid of “cheating“, get caught and eventually losing the one and only woman who wants to copulate with them.

Now, you surely do know what happens behind the curtains, when a man is strictly and honestly monogamous. Forget about “the one true love” and the “I don’t want any other woman but you”. This is all bullshit, that little girls and little boys like to watch on the Hollywood movies.

They lived happily ever-after...
They lived happily ever-after…

Repeat after me:

I don’t want any other woman but you = I am not valuable enough, to fuck other women as well (so I ll stick with you for now)

I will repeat this one more time in case it wasn’t made clear before. This all has to do with basic human nature. All these are decisions driven from survival or reproduction instincts and have nothing to do with cultural or other factors. A man of high value will be able to choose from a bigger pool of women no matter if he lives in New York, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi or in a village of 200 people, forgotten by god in some remote jungle of Vietnam.

These are the only kinds of men that exist today. And there is no point in elaborating more on this to be honest. It is pretty much clear. All someone has to do is, notice on behaviors and classify the men he/she knows accordingly.

Stop looking for unicorns

Now comes the sweet part. Things tend to go really smooth in nature when a woman clearly decides with which kind of man she wants to fuck and make babies with.

The real problem is when women keep looking for the man who has it all. They look for the supermale as I call it. This man has to be:

  • an awesome lover
  • very good looking
  • healthy
  • rich
  • with good manners
  • socially skillful
  • submissive enough AND dominant enough at the same time
  • strictly monogamous

Which woman wouldn’t like a man like that? Ladies, I am with you 100% on this. The only problem is:


Wake up please. This kind of supermale does not exist. It never did and most probably will never do. Ii is not like looking for a needle on a haystack, this man actually has worst chances to be found. Pretty much none to be honest.

The reason for that is not a global conspiracy organized by men in order to drive you crazy. The reason is that nature decided this way. Both types of males have their usability. Each type of man excels on his own category. I will repeat once more. Alpha AND Beta males are equally useful in nature. Each one has a role to fulfill.

But, those roles and characteristics do NOT blend.

If a woman needs to be with a strong, dominant and self-confident male, she needs to know that she takes a big risk to become a part of a polygamous relationship or even worse be dumped for another female.

If on the other hand, she wants to feel “secure” that her man is only hers, she will have to lower her standards and settle for a Beta (low risk) male.

Both strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. This is also the reason that these replication strategies survived up to now. They are both, evolutionary stable. There is no wrong or right decision to make here.

What’s your point dude?

In case you have decided that high risk, (aka Alpha male) option is not for you (don’t feel bad about this, a lot of women make this choice because it is the easy one to make) then all you have to do is, to settle with a lower quality Beta male, that will have as his sole purpose in life, to keep you happy.

The group I would like to address this post though, is the other one. It is the group of women that decided not to settle for less and try to find the true Alpha male. For good or for bad, this way is not an easy one to take. But it sure has the most return on Investment once achieved.

Like fellow males need to do, the only road that might lead you to an Alpha male (that won’t ditch you for another chick) is the road of high value. The more valuable you are, the more valuable the man you will have by your side and the less the odds he’ ll kick you out.

Despite humans being mostly irrational, any true Alpha male will be able to recognize a true Alpha female as his companion. He will want to make children with her and he will have no reason to let her go. He will take care of her and their offsprings, as he was genetically programmed to do.


My advise to any lady who might read this, is stop looking for unicorns. They do not exist. Stop wasting your years looking for the supermale. The man who has it all. He doesn’t exist. Moreover stop wasting your years fucking with every useless guy you meet in a bar.

For women time is truly of the essence. Your top years (health and reproduction wise) are kinda limited. Why wasting them here and there. Try to have a clear plan when choosing your man. Try to raise your sexual market value as high as possible, whether this is:

  • be as healthy as possible
  • stay at top shape at all times
  • study a lot on human nature
  • learn how to be a good mother and wife
  • support your man with his life goals

I don’t see the point to fuck with a lot of men again and again just to find the best one. It is like shooting in the air with your eyes shut and hoping to kill a bird. What are the odds? What is the point in wasting your top reproductive years in vain, only to wake up one day being old with your only option screaming COMPROMISE?


Make up your mind as early as possible and have your eyes open for your Alpha male. In the meantime try to be the best version of you every day. A real man of high value will try to do the same as well. There will be a balance between you and him. A balance of high value though. Not a balance between two average people with limited sexual choices.

How do I know your man will try to be the best he can, you might ask. First of all an Alpha male has an innate tendency to be the best he can. But apart from this, he will take the same risk as you do, when he chooses a female of high sexual value. You might be the one to ditch him after all. So the only legitimate way to keep you (the way with the best chances) is to raise his value as well. No other road available. No vows of eternal love will keep this balance alive.

Only thing that can keep ti going it the balance of value. Yours and his. Period.-

Now you know why there is no chance to ever see James Bond get married or Al Bundy save the world from a nuclear strike.

Married with children-projectbebest

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