Personal Development Annual Review 2017: Huge Milestone Achieved

Long time no see huh? It’s been over six months since I published my last official post on this website.

That was kinda intentional, but for a good reason. Although I wasn’t kind enough, to let you know that I’ll take a break from article writing, I couldn’t skip the annual personal development review.

So, as I did for 2015 and 2016, once more, here’s the post that’ll give you an insider’s view of my personal and business life.


Healthwise, things couldn’t have been any better. Seriously, I don’t remember my self, feeling any better for ages. I continue the long non-sickness streak for a few years now. I don’t actually remember when it was the last time I had a fever.

All the medication I have taken these past years were a few aspirins that had to do with a couple of headaches or something. That’s it.

Another major breakthrough was that I dropped another five kilos of average weight, but that happened after the second half of the year. So during the last months, my average weight was between 63 and 66kg. I feel better at this weight, healthier, fitter and overall I consider low weight to be one of the most critical factors to longevity.

The gym holds steady. I visit the place five times a week. Although I try not to push too hard there, the new gym partner I acquired in 2017 won’t let me relax for too much. So some training sessions are very demanding, and some others are relaxing.

I continue to sleep like a baby with a reported average of 7:27 minutes per day. Most of the days I go to bed around 21:00 and drop dead by 22:00 after watching a relaxing documentary or reading some book. I also get up at 6:00 in the morning which helps me feel super fresh and helps me have a lot of productive hours ahead of me.

Another habit I solidified was the cold showers. In 2017 I didn’t have a single shower with hot (or even warm) water. Even during winter months. The sensation after I come out of the shower is terrific. I feel so invigorated and ready to pump some serious work.

Lastly, I introduced another essential and somehow controversial health habit. Almost for the whole second half of 2017, I stopped using any kinds of soap and perfumes altogether. Yes, you heard me right. I’ve read a few articles about it, that were well supported, and I decided to give it a go.

And all I can say is that I don’t miss soap or cologne at all. I take a quick cold shower every morning after I come back from the gym, and sometimes a second one if needed. My skin never felt softer and the odor, well it’s not there. I mean generally, I smell nothing. Neither bad nor good. Just the subtle natural body scent. Mind you, the natural nutrition I follow plays a major role in that as well. And boy I enjoy it so much that I got rid of all these petrochemicals ads are pushing to us.

To be completely honest, I might need to use some soap from time to time but only when I get actually dirty. Like from dirt, oils, etc. But that doesn’t happen that often. If you’re in doubt, I’d highly recommend you to give it a try. If after a few days you can’t stand it, you can always go back to using these chemicals.

Health goals for 2018

My health goals for 2018 won’t change much from last years’. I think I’m at a point where almost everything is well organized and most major health habits are in place. I feel I have achieved the 80/20 in this pillar for sure, so I intend to keep it up the same way.

If at some point a new habit comes to mind, I might incorporate it, but otherwise, no significant changes are planned for the next year. I feel super healthy, my nutrition and exercise are robust, and I don’t want to devote much more active time to my health.


Like in 2016, things here didn’t improve much in 2017. Unfortunately, trying to build a business, stay healthy, rested and pursue an active social life don’t work well together – at least for me.

2017 wasn’t exactly my crazy party year. Far from it. I went for an all-night out less than five times to my recollection. It’s just too hard for me to keep up with my demanding business and go out socializing at the same time. Being introvert, as I am, doesn’t help much either.

Unfortunately, although I said in my last annual review that I’ll try to be more active at networking, i didn’t make it through. It’s just hard to overcome some innate urges, especially when things work out smoothly as is, you know?

Having said that, not all was doom and gloom in 2017. One of my most significant pain points, my social skills and especially rapport, were tremendously improved. The way I achieved this improvement was by actively thinking about it all the time. Each time I had a new interaction I was thinking what I can do, to be more likable to the other person.

I know it might sound a bit over trying to some of you, but believe me, being charismatic isn’t a natural thing to all people. So when I notice a serious pain point like this, I do my best to improve it.

Relationships goals for 2018

On the social aspect, getting sucked up in your comfort zone isn’t pretty. But it happens. Trying to build a business, live a healthy life AND socialize is very demanding. I know that at some level this is a rationalization though, and because of that, I’ll have to do something about it in 2018.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have a concrete plan for it, but the general guidelines will be that, I’ll try to introduce some socializing activities that won’t include staying out late. Not exactly sure which are going to be, but could be various, from cooking classes to hitchhiking, and from entrepreneurial summits to visiting public libraries. I know it sounds very vague at this point, but I don’t have something more substantial to share.

That’s not because it’s an afterthought, but mainly because it’s a secondary priority yet for another year. Hopefully, during the second half of 2018, a few hours will be freed from my business, so that I’ll be able to devote them to my social life.


Thankfully, things went very well wealth wise. After a long year of many many working hours, I hit my primary goal of making more than $100k in revenue ♥ Six figures anyone?

I cannot really describe to you how happy and confident this makes me. That’s a goal that would seem impossible if you asked me a few years ago.

Actually, the final number for 2017, was $123,000 (and change). The majority of it ($112k) coming from Kindle Publishing of course.

Another minor victory for me was my average personal expenses which were kept relatively low. On average I spent around $855 per month, including everything, from food, clothing, car and health insurance, social life (haha), vacations, and even a new laptop I got.

That kind of spending didn’t allow me to make the lavish lifestyle that I dream of, but I can’t complain for now. I live a rather comfortable and safe life. I still have a few years ahead of me before I live the dream. For now, it’s growing mode 😉

I also dropped the KDP coaching, and I paused the SaaS I co-founded because I saw so much more potential in digital publishing. It’s just an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. At this point, the hourly rate of digital publishing is so much better, that it doesn’t make much sense for me to spend my time in other businesses.

Now that’s not to say it’s easy to make money with Kindle. On the contrary. It needs a lot of capital, the right team of people and backbreaking work. And even then, it’s not a guaranteed success. It took me well over three years of continuous effort to make the kind of money I make today.

Having said that, if one has the initial capital, the determination, and a healthy mindset, this is still one of the best opportunities to make a lot of money from the comfort of his home.

Unfortunately, another thing I had to give up, was writing new articles for this blog. I know article writing is a thing I enjoy doing very much, but my main online business is so demanding that i had to pause. Instead of producing a mediocre 500-word article each week, I took the decision not to publish any new articles and instead focus on my money making business. Rest assured, that if I feel the need to post something special like this article, I will devote the time to it.

Wealth goals for 2018

Although the main monetary goal of 2017 was achieved, the secondary one of relocating didn’t come through. That’s because my income took a big boost during the last months of 2017, and I didn’t have the time or the saved capital to look for a new more spacious and luxurious house. I’m very confident though that 2018 will be the year for it.

House prices here in Greece are relatively low (mainly due to the financial crisis), and that helps a lot if one’s income originates from abroad (wink wink).  I think it would be quite realistic to say that somewhen between Q2 and Q3, I’ll be finally able to move to a new house.

But that’s not happening unless I cross the $30k per month mark. Paying more than $1000/mo for a house isn’t cake, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money unless it consumes only about 5 to 10% of my monthly income. Projections show that this will be achieved in the next few months though.

So this goal still stands from 2017, and it’ll be again my secondary goal for the coming year. This time I feel much more confident that I’ll be able to achieve it.

But of course, my main goal once more couldn’t be something else rather than a monetary one. From 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 I doubled my income each year, so my goal for 2018 is once more the same.

I’ll do my best to hit more than a quarter million. I know that $250,000 doesn’t sound easy, but I’ll do my best to make it happen. I have put a personal mid-term bet with myself, to make my first million before I turn 40 years old, and I’d hate to lose.

At this point in my life, everything is working like a well-oiled machine. Most parameters are aligned, and I have zero excuses not to make it happen. My health is through the roof, relationships and social life although low, are steady, and I have enough capital, tenacity and a fantastic group of people (including my family) supporting me.

I see no reason not to make it. Like I’ve said in the past, each passing year looks more and more promising. I know I started my self-development journey too old, but better late than ever. Right?

I know I have many more productive years ahead of me, and for me, it’s non-negotiable to hit the millionaire status sooner or later.

At this point I have a well-founded business, that rolls nicely. I work hard every day, implementing new things and improvements. So one of my sub-goals in 2018 would be to outsource a piece of those tasks so that I can expand to some other areas. Maybe a secondary business, or more social life, who knows? I don’t tend to plan that way ahead because the further down the future you go, the more skewed are the projections.

So if anything’s to change in this aspect, it’ll be towards the end of the year – if so.

Closing remarks

2017 was undoubtedly the best year of my life so far. My health was robust, my relationships were steady, and my personal income exploded. I firmly believe that 2018 will be even better than that. I’ll consider it a personal failure if it isn’t.

Admittedly, in 2017, I missed a couple of goals, but these things happen in life. Ask Elon Musk if you don’t believe me. If one could foresee 100% of it, life would feel a bit more tedious :p

I will assume, that since you’re reading this post, self-development isn’t a new or irrelevant thing to you. I’d guess that something inside you burns. If I were you, I’d invest a few hours of my life, reading the posts in this section. I think you’ll get a new, fresh perspective on life.

What strikes me curious, is how much self-doubt there is around us. I mean honestly, if a guy like me of average intelligence and looks can make it in life, I see no reason why you couldn’t. No, really, if you have a strong counterargument on that, leave a comment below. I’ll make sure I’ll shut it down asap.

I started without having read a single book in my life, and less than $200 in my bank account. All it took was three years of hard work, focused effort, the right team, and a bit of luck to be where I am today. But like I said if an average guy like me could make it up to that point I see no reason why YOU couldn’t do it as well.

Until the next time remember…

“In the end, your success will speak for itself.”