Presidential Election 2016: Why It’s None of Your Business

If you live on planet earth, chances are that you saw all the buzz about the US presidential election a few days ago.

Trump won the elections, and he became the 45th president of US.

The world once again went crazy about it, something that I fail to understand why (but I’m gonna take a shot and try to explain it anyways).

I saw many messages, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. from either supporters of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with triumphant or condemning content respectively.

I mean it was really hilarious (and strange). I even saw the same kind of messages from people living in my country, Greece.

Since this is a public post (that might be read by children as well), I cannot express my opinion about their behavior 100% freely (and I don’t care about it to be completely honest).

But in today’s post, I want to explain very rationally, why you shouldn’t care about who the president is unless you are playing in the billions league with your company (even then it’s still debatable).

I will also explain what your primary focus should be, to achieve prosperity and success in your life.

Finally, if you read this till the end, I will tell you who I would vote for and why.

Why ‘who the president is’ should be irrelevant

Since you asked for it (nobody did actually, but I’m gonna state my opinion anyway), and despite common belief, here’s why ‘who the president is’, is of no importance.

Reason #1: Doesn’t really affect you

Africa Savanna, 50.000 B.C.

Ogran, a young boy at the age of 14, sets off with some other tribe men for hunting. At this point in time, these tribes are formed by families of a few individuals, and they seldom surpass the 150 people mark altogether.

So today, Ogran, some fellow hunters, and the tribe leader (the alpha male) are going hunting. They might be away for weeks, under extremely harsh conditions, so they need to be in top shape and vigilant at all times.

During the whole journey, Arnorath, the alpha hunter is leading the group like a real maestro. He takes almost all the decisions; everything about the ambushes, the tactics, the penalties and the rewards.

He’s by far the most experienced, skillful and with a keen eye male in the tribe. Nature blessed him with all the tools he needs to lead, and he does so with excellence.

Moreover, his tribe knows him very well in person, and he has been “elected” by them for being skillful, resourceful, fearless, and fair.

Every decision he makes, every call, fair or not, has an immediate impact on the success or failure of the team and consequently of the tribe.

His calls might be the difference between survival and death, not only for himself but for the whole tribe as well.

His latest commands bring the team to a vantage point, and they manage to surround and kill a few wilder-beasts.

Triumph. Together with his men, he has just bought a few more weeks of thriving for his tribe and has secured the future of Ogran, the young hunter, at least for the near future.

After they eat all their stomachs can hold, they take the rest of the game back to the tribe. There, they store some of it for later consumption, and they split the rest among the other tribe members, according to their social ranking.

Garanosh and Degusia, among other members, are given the leftovers of the game. They eat just enough to survive. They don’t have much saying over the split, and they don’t have much saying over any significant issue within the tribe, on the whole.

They thank Arnorath and the hunters, and they continue with their tasks.

Back in 2016…

Fast forward almost 50,000 years later, none of this holds true anymore.

The tribes have turned into supertribes, and the supertribes have turned into cities and super cities.

But in the present day, the decisions or the skills of the alpha male (the president or the prime minister that is) are of not much importance.


First of all, because the majority of those decisions are not theirs. This is not my theory, but rather a common knowledge.

It’s a well-known fact that important decisions are taken by powerful political and/or business lobbies to serve very specific interests.

The president is only going to state publicly what these lobbies want him to say.

Disclaimer #1: I’m not saying that each and every decision (down to the last one) is taken that way. But the majority of the political line, each president or prime minister is following, is broadly dictated by powerful teams of individuals who are essentially governing.

Disclaimer #2: I’m not at all against this status quo. In fact, if I could be one of these forces, that influence these decisions, you can bet I’d be one.

Secondly, today the distance between the decision of the leader and you (us) is X1000 greater than it was back then. What do I mean by that?

Even when the president takes a decision about something, it passes through so many hoops until it affects you, that it’s of minor importance.

Remember what I said about the alpha male of the tribe before? When he was making a decision, most of the times it was his, and it had an immediate impact on the members of the tribe.

But. This is a critical note.

The further away someone was from the leader regarding their connection, the less impact these decisions had. So if they had a successful hunt, he and his close friends would eat very well, while for the rest of the tribe, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. They would still eat the same part of the game.

Worst case scenario for the betas of the tribe was not to have anything fresh to eat, so they would be fed with roots and rats.

Think rationally for a minute this analogy and tell me. Whenever the leader of your country raises the taxes, it has an impact on your salary, but each time it’s only a small percentage, something like 2% or 3%.

Now think what happens each day that billions of new money go into circulation. Last time I checked, I didn’t see any checks from the Federal Reserve waiting in my mailbox. You know why?

Because, for this money to come to my hands, it has to pass from a gazillion hoops, like banks, smaller banks, businesses, the stock market, my boss and then eventually to me.

Good luck with that. 

And the funny thing is that most people don’t know any of this stuff. Most people are still ignorant, and they believe that each time a new president comes into power he will “print” tons of new money, and he will lower the taxes so much, that they will become filthy rich and prosperous.

Well, don’t hold your breath on that, cause it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

In fact here’s a fantastic video about how the real economic machine works (mandatory viewing).

Reason #2: Distracts you from your primary focus

Which brings me to my second point.

The more you’re consumed with ‘who the president is’, the more you’re going to stay average.

I can’t really express to you how disgusted I felt, after the election day from some of my friends’ comments on Facebook, where I’m mostly active. Most of them were cursing Trump for “hating women and immigrants,” etc.

Let’s forget for a moment, the political party or beliefs of each leader. The fact alone that someone made it and became a candidate for US president represents, in my eyes, a vast arsenal of skills, like powerful social skills and connections, master salesman, great marketing skills, charisma, leadership, etc.

It’s really hilarious if you think about it. My friend on Facebook, Joe Nobody, who earns $800 per month flipping burgers, is critisizingTrump and Clinton who run for US presidents.

I know what you’re gonna say. Just “un-follow” these people. Well, I have. But that’s not my point. The point is that people with the same perception are everywhere. I would bet that they form the vast majority of the human population. They spend their time criticizing others instead of being focused on their plan.

In general, the more time and energy you spend talking in a negative way about others, the more time you waste from taking responsibility and improving yourself.

If for every hate comment these people are making on social media, were reading a book or an article about self-improvement, or if for every hour they lose playing video games, they were trying to connect with better and more successful people instead, their lives would be X10 better.

Parting piece of guidance (and my personal preference)

So if you wanna take something away from this post, this is it.

Your political beliefs are not important. My political beliefs are not important either. 

Not to me, not to your friends, but most importantly not to you. Your vote and your opinion on the election has only a tiny impact on your life (if any).

Whether it’s Trump on the wheel or Clinton or myself, bottom-line is, this will change nothing in your life. Remember the betas on the tribe above. Low-rank individuals always get the worst piece of the game no matter who their leader is.

[bctt tweet=”Low-rank individuals always get the worst piece of the game no matter who their leader is.” username=”projectbebest”]

So unless you’re a billionaire and you have first level connections with the president, I’d highly recommend that you invest your time in yourself instead of commenting on social media about who won (nobody cares about these pointless and emotional comments anyway).

Your job as an entrepreneur is to always try to produce and create value for your clients. Always try to streamline your sale process, increase revenue and profits. Everything else is irrelevant.

I’d vote for…

Okay, that’s easy. Being a big fan of capitalism myself, I would definitely vote for Trump. My reasoning behind this is simple and 100% rational.

Although in essence, it wouldn’t make much of a difference, I firmly believe that for any country to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible, someone should run it like a business.

I honestly fail to see any significant difference between the management of a country and the administration of a company.

They both have revenues and expenses. They both have taxes, loans, and financial statements. They both have humans as leaders and decision makers, and they both use people as fuel to run night and day.

Take a moment to think about it. It’s all about income and expenses. The more money your business/country makes, and the fewer expenses it has, the higher are the profits and the higher are the bonuses it can pay to employees/citizens. Simple right?

So let’s suppose for a moment that both candidates wanted the best for their country or company. If you had to appoint a leader for your business or your country, who would be your choice?

Someone who has never run a single business in his life? Someone who doesn’t know how to manage people and is not obsessed with profits, losses and investing capital?

Or someone who fought throughout his whole life? Someone who led thousands of people, has seen and analyzed thousands of P&L statements, has built, ruined and then re-built a billion dollar company from zero and who’s a self-made billionaire?

Like I said. Not that important of a choice anyway, but at least let’s take a rational one…