The 3 Pillars of (your) Life

Let me tell you a few things about your life…

Nah, that’s not the way to start…Let me tell you a few things about my life first. Throughout my articles you will come across the words health, wealth or relationships a lot. Like you do, I use these words in my everyday life as well, when I have a conversation with my peers.

Funny thing is that most of the times, I don’t use these words in a literal way, like most people do. For me these words have a different meaning, a deeper one. And this is exactly the purpose of this short article: To give you my interpretation of these words.

According to many successful people, all problems we are ever going to face, can be divided to three major categories. Yes, you guessed it right. All problems you will ever face will either be something related to our health, wealth or relationships with other humans, these are the 3 pillars of life.

All these categories are interlinked to each other and more than usually, a problem of one category, will for sure affect your performance on an other category as well.

Take a moment to think about it here. Imagine that you get sick at some point, this will for sure decrease your performance of your job or the relationships with your friends, family etc. Accordingly if you got no money to spend, your social life will go for the worse, since you will not be able to go out so often, or spend money in a social activity, like your friends will do.

But let’s get over with the introduction and dive in at each category to have a more in depth point of view. I will rank them from the easiest one to improve/master to the most difficult one.

Pillar 1: Health (difficulty level 1)

When average people talk about being healthy, most often they mean they don’t get sick that much. Unfortunately this is how we are programmed due to the blue pill of social conditioning. The truth is that health, is a huge issue, and a relatively easy one to solve and improve, by just taking care of some very simple things.

Compared to the relationships or even worse the wealth front, health status is very easy to calibrate and improve just by being proactive.


The most basic changes, we should all make are on what we eat on a daily basis. As you can observe for your selves, junk food, sugar, beverages and alcohol, ruin our lives more and more. Sugar alone is responsible for a huge part of obesity and diabetes type II. Our bodies are not designed from an evolutionary point of view to consume any of these substances.

3 pillars of life - health

If you really think about it, there are not that many foods nowadays, that don’t contain sugars or grains at all. Grains are approximately a 10.000 years old *invention*, that our bodies have never adapted to consume. Things get even worse with white table sugar, an even more modern discovery, only found about 300 years ago.

All in all, our modern lifestyle includes a bunch of these useless – and catastrophic – foods we are used to consume from day one. Going more in depth here would be very interesting but I would need many more articles to analyze all the unhealthy habits of today’s lifestyle. Just keep a few simple guidelines for now.

Try to eliminate or at least reduce as much as possible of the following:

  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Alcohol
  • Trans fats

I know what you think at the moment…If I eliminate all of these, there is virtually nothing left. Well, this is not entirely true. You can still consume, all of the meats, potatoes, green vegetables, some fruits like berries etc.


A second major concern should be all the things we put on our skin on a daily basis. Cosmetics like creams, perfumes, soaps etc, more than usually contain a lot of substances that will harm us – even in a fatal way – overtime.

All of these every day consumables contain a lot of chemicals that our body can’t stand. Even most toothpastes contain Fthorium, a substance harmful for our body.

Best advice I can give you here is try to avoid as much as possible all these factory based products. Keep in mind to always aim for products made with natural ingredients, without chemicals. They will make a ton of a difference in the long run.

Environment / Habits

Like other factors weren’t enough, the actual environment and habits we adopt, come on top of other things to finish us off.

Our bodies aren’t really built to live in modern city environments. Factors like pollution, stress, smoking, lack of exercise, bad sleeping conditions and many others, contribute a significant amount to the deterioration of our health status. Unfortunately these are the hardest ones to change.

Most of us are used in such lifestyles, and it would take a tremendous amount of effort, to change the way we live. All in all, it would make a huge difference if you would be able to leave the city and move to the country. Change the way you eat, sleep or exercise. Try to always have in mind how our ancestors used to do it. Most of the answers will come to you, through the area of evolutionary biology/anthropology.

The ultimate goal here is not only not to get sick that often, but be able to achieve a superior health status, which will allow you to perform at a higher level of physical and mental capacity. Become a super human like our ancestors used to be, be stress free and strong enough to coop with anything that life throws at you.

Pillar 2: Relationships (difficulty level 10)

Oh my god! What a HUGE chapter that is. According to my projections, about one forth of this blog’s material will be about relationships issues. I bet that when you hear the word relationships, most often than not, you think about females – sorry but content of this blog is a bit male oriented.

In essence, topics discussed in this blog will have to do with ladies but also with social, male to male relationships as well. A complete human being should be equally socially skillful with both males and females. Being good with the ladies will help you promote your sexual/reproduction goals, while being proficient with other fellow males will help you achieve more, business or wealth oriented goals.

3 pillars of life - relationships

What you always have to keep in mind is that being *good* with people will help you advance in ways you don’t possibly imagine at this time.


As a man, your goal with other men is to make alliances. In evolutionary terms, more social alliances equal more chances of survival. For our whole evolutionary background, social alliances were of the essence for us – as males. What other males will most likely seek from you is respect. There is nothing more important for another male than respect, in order to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Other forms of value are welcomed as well. Resources like, connections, women, wealth etc. are of great value and will help you establish an even stronger connection between you and other males within your social circle.

The idea of *friendship* – which is nothing more than a social contract between you and the other party – could be greatly enhanced if you always keep in your mind of what other men want from you:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Women
  • Wealth, business opportunities


On the other hand, women are a different kind of beast all together. Again, looking from an evolutionary point of view – remember what I said about evolutionary biology/anthropology before ? – women are mainly seeking of support, safety and good genes from you. Let’s try to break these up in a few pieces.

Imagine being a woman, in a jungle environment like Africa Savannah not that long ago. Your ONLY TWO objectives are to survive and reproduce. Right? Of course! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here to read these wonderful articles, if a woman a few millennia before didn’t have these two specific goals in mind. So guess who is the most appropriate person to offer her these two resources? If you answered a male, you won!

Honestly not much have changed since then. In today’s environment although you, as a male, won’t have to go hunting to bring her meat to eat, non the less you are the one to work, to bring back home the resources she needs in order to raise your children.

Women always wanted – and always will want – the male who has the more resources and the best gene in proximity. These resources have many sub-categories but, in essence are:

  • Social alliances
  • Power
  • Money

Good genes are…well being good looking, strong, and healthy. All these translate in her mind – most often at a sub-conscious level – that you are the most appropriate male to help her survive and have healthy and strong children with you, that will survive and have kids of their own. And so on and so forth.

Being the alpha male will mainly be the topic of the relationships posts in this blog. So stay tuned for more on this.

Pillar 3: Wealth (difficulty level 100)

Oh yes, my favorite topic of all times…Well I gotta be honest here, since you don’t know me that well. Wealth wasn’t my top priority for that long. Again due to social conditioning I was convinced that I would never be wealthy, and riches are only meant for a few individuals (myself not included).

While the second part holds true – riches are only for a few special individuals – there is no universal law or global economy conspiracy that will keep you away from great wealth and abundance, as long as you set your mind for it.

According to a popular definition, wealth is measured in time units and it means essentially what is the amount of time you can maintain your current lifestyle in case you lose your active income. From this definition alone we can derive two things. First of all the more accumulated wealth you already have, the more you can survive and maintain your lifestyle in terms of months, years etc. Secondly you can also derive that the more humble lifestyle you have, the more time you can maintain it.

As mentioned before, money – one of the ultimate resources of our time – can buy you a lot of things a human being desires. Most importantly money can buy you time and freedom. Time is the only resource that cannot be created. It can be bought though, in some extent. Being rich gives you the power to buy other peoples time for your causes. Whether it is to perform a job for you, cook for you, or take your dog out for a walk.

Money will buy you the time and consequently the freedom to make only the things you really want to do in your life. Luxuries is only a piece of the pie. Tangible goods are important for sure, but more than that, money and great wealth will buy you experiences!. A trip to a foreign country, going for safari in Africa, jumping from a plane or take a spaceship around the moon, all these are experiences bought with money.

Usually the more expensive an experience or a commodity is, the more desirable tends to be due to the principle of exclusivity.

3 pillars of life - wealth

Throughout this blog, most of the articles will focus on wealth. By having the resources necessary, will be a great leverage in order to improve your health status and relationships performance as well. By the time you will acquire money, you will be able to buy the best commodities and the best individuals time in order to use them for your causes.

Wealth is by far the most difficult pillar to build. Competition is tremendous and most of the mindsets are completely destroyed by the social conditioning. Most people think of money as a monster, responsible for all the bads in this world. The common perception of successful people though, is that money will only magnify the character you have already build – nothing more, nothing less.

If you are a bad person, with a shitty attitude and a shittier lifestyle, money will only enlarge the problem. On the contrary if you are a nice person, with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle, money will help you take all these qualities to a new higher level.

Moreover money will help you even in difficult times, that your health or relationships will be in a negative spiral. Let’s be honest it is way better to be sick or alone in a Lamborghini than in a Fiat.

Luckily as time passes and we all hopefully progress on the wealth front, we’ ll be around to exchange value between each other. Being part of a like minded group can be of immense help when you want to achieve something great in your life.

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In this article I only scratched the surface of the true meaning of self improvement. This post was just a simple introduction of the three big pillars of life, we all need to improve in order to become our new enhanced version of us. With every major step we take towards self improvement we become Robert 2.0, George 2.0, Catherine 2.0 etc.


First of all, sweet thing about health is that, it can be altered in a matter of a few months. You don’t need that many resources to improve it drastically, What you really need is some will power to boost you forward.


Here the story gets a little more tricky. Since human relationships involve other human beings as well, things need more work to understand and control.

Again by studying human evolution, will be of great help, in order to have a clear vision of how humans used to live and interact for millions of years with only minor changes since then (yes believe it or not, human interactions have not changed that much since then, more than 90% of human interactions take place on a sub-conscious level even in 2015 at Manhattan).

Moreover the more interactions you have with other people – men and women – the more skillful you will become. If you want a single piece of advice here, try to interact with as many persons as possible per day, this way your social muscle will get stronger and results will improve significantly over time.


If you thought being really healthy (by eating right and going to the gym), or be super skillful with people is hard, try to become a millionaire. Just think of your friends, how many millionaires do you know in person? On the other hands, how many do you know that are doing great with women?

The problem goes very deep down and together we will try to make a brain wash to ourselves in order to build a new mindset that will allow us to pursue new levels of excellence.

Piece by piece, we’ll put together the whole puzzle of our lives.

*By the way this article was written by the beach during vacation time, so bear with me in case you read something extreme by your standards. It may be the sun that boiled my head…or not…