The Ideal Man for My Sister (an Authentic Love Story)

For real?

Yes, this will be the topic of today’s article and trust me, you’ re gonna love it.

During my summer vacation, I have invited a few friends to spend a week together in my mountain cottage. Apart from all the drinking, eating and club game, we spend a lot of time talking about human nature (a favorite topic of ours), relationships (an even more favorite topic) and of course wealth issues (the all-time favorite topic).

Talking about these issues, usually contains words and phrases like alpha males, having many relationships with ladies, resources, money, emotions, value giving etc.

At some point, a girl asked one of my friends the million dollar question…

“If you like to fuck a lot of women, and *cheat* on them, how would you feel if one of these girls was your sister, and some other guy did the same thing to her?”

Boom, nice question, totally legit in my humble opinion.

Well, to be totally honest I don’t quite remember what my friend’s actual response was, but I assume it wasn’t a great answer, or else I would remember about it. So in this brief post, I will try to answer this question for her and for you in order to explain my point of view.

First of all, what I consider to be ideal – as a man – for my sister, I pretty much consider it to be an ideal man for all women (no exceptions here). So inside this little rant, I will give you my point of view, on what every woman (including my sister) should look for in a man.

There is NO cheating

YES, I will repeat that again. There is no cheating. There never was and never will be. Cheating in the way we understand it today, is a social phenomenon (fed to us through the blue pill technique) to keep all the beta males and females around the globe, happy for their inadequacy to copulate with more than one person. Sometimes in parallel or in some sad cases, forever.

Human beings as species, contrary to the albatross for example, are not monogamous. Again, never was, never will be (most probably).

Strictly monogamous...
Strictly monogamous…

I am not saying that we have the natural inclination to sleep with everyone, on the contrary. But humans are somewhere in the middle of polygamy spectrum when it comes to primates. So stop believing this nonsense of cheating – now please. It is perfectly normal (from an evolutionary and biological point of view) for a man to sleep with as many ladies as he can support.

Ah, here comes the moment of truth…

You can have them, as long as you can support them

Primates again. They lead the way. They are our evolutionary ancestors in a way and we definitely have a lot to learn from them. Among most primates species, it is a common practice for a dominant, alpha male to have a lot of ladies. The exact same thing stands true for people as well. No matter how hard some try to hide this, men with resources and physical superiority get the ladies.

Always have, always will be…

There is no huge global conspiracy about it. It is the way nature decided for us a few millennia ago. It was supposed to be that way if we wanted to make it to the modern era.


Even if you don’t want to admit, a short observation will point you to the right direction. Why do you think wealthy Arabs and people, especially in eastern cultures, mate with a lot of women? Because they can, I will say. Feel free to disagree all day long if you wish.

Facts remain facts. Mating with many women gives any male a solid advantage compared to all other males around that cannot. More offsprings, more genes passed down to the following generations.

So, the ideal man for my sister

I think it is pretty much clear by now. As long as this guy could support my sister, my mother, or my friend from both a financial (resources) and emotional (love, caring etc) perspective, I would not mind if he was fucking an army of other women as well (I would hope he wears a condom though).

I want to consider myself a rational guy. I want to calculate and measure things before I make my decisions. So I ask you this:

Would you rather have 50% of a million dollars or 100% of a hundred thousand dollars?

It is actually as simple as that.

What good would be for my sister if she had an average Joe guy who only barely makes it for a living? He would offer her many strong emotions you will say. Sure, no doubt about it. But so could do the other guy who has more skill or empathy and thus more (and better) emotions to offer. Plus the advantage of being wealthy and be able to support her in a lot better way.


So please wake up, and stop being romantic schoolgirls. Things are super simple here. Every girl and my sister should look for the guy who can offer here the most value!

Quantity and quality wise, not percentage wise!

Stop looking for the poor guy full of emotions who will be full in love and 100% dedicated to you. He has only so much to offer. Look for the guy who has A LOT to offer both resources wise and emotion wise, even if it is not 100% of his potential.

As long as you can be certain (you can never be actually, but there are strong indicators about it) that he won’t ditch you for another girl, you should not break a sweat if he fucks or dates someone else every once in a while.

I don’t think I can really elaborate more on this one. I highly recommend to start reading about evolutionary biology/anthropology whether being a man or a woman right now! There, you will find almost all the answers to these hot issues about health, wealth and relationships.

You as a man

If you are a man reading this, try to raise as much your sexual market value as possible. This will make you more desirable to the ladies and as long as you have the means necessary (resources), you will nail it in no time. Women won’t “actually accept” it, but they won’t really mind you to fuck someone else, every now and then as long as:

  • You will not be explicit about it
  • You will make her feel secure that she won’t lose access to your resources (financial and emotional)

The point here is not to scam her. The point here is to be able to love and support her enough and to maintain a balanced relationship. She will claim some of your resources (money, emotions, time) and you should probably give away, some of them. But only if you feel comfortable she is the one to be your primary female. After all, she will deserve it.

And remember once you “make the deal” on the amount of resources you want to share, there is no turning back. No woman will accept that amount to be reduced. Period! So be very very skeptical and analytical about how much of it, you want to share, no way to backtrack people. Have been there, have done it before. It never worked, not once.

You as a woman

I know, I know…

What I am asking is very difficult, but I really mean it. Try to be more rational, and think clearly. Rational thinking is not your strong point, I understand. Still women are capable of doing some of it when absolutely necessary.

Sit down for a moment and think the question I asked before:

50% of a million dollars or 100% of a hundred thousand dollars?

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This must be really straight forward, right? Look for a man who really has a lot to offer, even if this is not the whole. After all, it is the total amount of value you personally get. Ain’t it?