Survival Is Not Mandatory

Back in 2014, when I was beginning my long journey on self-improvement, during a video learning course I was watching then, a single phrase mentioned there, captivated my mind.

Survival is not mandatory

For a few seconds, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it, but after giving it some time, it finally hit me. And it was so fucking true.

Survival is not mandatory and despite the fact that the documentary was referring to actual survival (us not being dead that is), the phrase has a myriad of other meanings for almost any situation.

Whether metaphorically speaking or not, survival like excellence, thriving, prosperity, happiness, etc. is not at all mandatory.

As I’ve mentioned before, life doesn’t give a fuck whether we survive or thrive. We are wired to have survival and replication as our two (and only) primary functions, but if any of them fails, nobody’s gonna cry about it.

Nature, through millions of years of evolution, has done it’s best to equip us with every tool we need to survive. But mainly due to bad social conditioning and low-quality genes, most of us are doomed to a life of mediocrity.

Nature gave us the gift of freely deciding what we want to do exactly for this reason. To tell the best and the worst of us apart.

So here are my thoughts about surviving.

Being healthy is not mandatory


Pizza with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese…

Only thinking about it makes me drooling.

Thank god we live in this magnificent era, where you can easily pick up the phone, order a huge pizza and have it in our home in a few minutes.

The next day, you can order a juicy cheeseburger with french fries and a deluxe Coca-Cola, and after that eat a half-litre ice cream while watching some movie on the tv.

Smoking, drinking, eating like pigs, washing our bodies with all kinds of chemicals, and living in a modern city lifestyle is a surefire way not to survive for long.

But even if we do (due to large amounts of drugs and modern medicine), our quality of life is severely degraded.

Imagine someone who does all of the above, for like 50 years. At the end what remains is only an idea of a man. Not at all what nature had in mind when it designed us some hundreds of thousand years ago.

Taking a shit load of pills just to stay alive is not normal, despite what the rest of the society implies.

Of course as the title of this post says, survival is not mandatory. In other words, eat as many pizzas and burgers as you want, drink whatever booze you like and smoke as many cigarettes as you can.

It’s 100% up to you. Your hard earned right. Being healthy by being careful and self-disciplined is not the easiest thing in the world. I totally get it.

Nature has just a magical way to clean the genetic pool, hasn’t it?

After all, being healthy is not mandatory.

Being successful in relationships is not mandatory

Freedom of choice everyone!!!

I sure want to illustrate my second point by giving you a clear example. This is kinda similar to the ideal man for my sister story, but with an extra twist.

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a photo of an ex-girlfriend of his, together with her new boyfriend riding his scooter – the kind of scooter you can buy for $142 – you know.

When I saw that, it was kinda funny and replied to him, imagine that that girl would prefer that guy over someone like my friend, who’s well put, financially stable and super smart guy.

What he replied was, that some girls tend to choose beta males, because they are low maintenance. They prefer to have a guy who’s poor, socially unskillful and with zero potential, but faithful and 100% committed to them, rather than being with a kind of an alpha male type of guy, who’s got tremendous potential, high net-worth, well connected but he will have some extra sexual affairs and be a lot more independent.

Bollocks I said. In theory, this might sound correct, but the real reason any girl would choose a poor and socially incompetent George over the X3 better version of George is that she subconsciously knows that the better man, would not stay with her for long. He won’t make the commitment.

But instead of deciding to take action and improve herself in order to have this better man next to her, she decides that’s just too much effort and settles for the lesser option.

But what is the main reason women and men are so bad at making correct choices when it comes to social and sexual partners?

As repetitive as it sounds, I would blame bad social conditioning (again). Especially when it comes to women, they are so severely brainwashed about their *independence* and *eternal love* thing, that they short-wire all their primal embedded programs.

Instead of accepting their natural position as the primary supportive element of their man and the cornerstone of every successful family, they buy the Hollywood stories of the supermale, and they spend 15 precious years looking for it…in vain.

But after some time, they start to realize that they will never find it and settle for the best option available at that point.

I’d really like it if a school of alpha females would exist. If only a wise and evolutionarily speaking successful lady would teach the rest of them, what they need to do in order to fulfill their biological destiny.

How nice it would be, if they simply understood, that their main biological role is to be as healthy as possible and try to find the man who’s willing to share with them and their kids, the most resources available.

How difficult is it to really to get it? It’s all about resource maximizing whether you’re a man or a woman. Things have always been like that, and most probably will always be.

Men, on the other hand, believe they have the “luxury of time”, but through some equally stupid decisions, they manage to waste all these precious years as well. Sexually speaking, men pass through some rough waters during their 20’s (again mainly due to lack of resources), and when they finally wake up some day with an epiphany to create, they are well over forty years old with little energy and willpower reserves.

How funny this is, that we all blame mainly the opposite sex for our miserable situation.

“All women are whores.”

“All men are pigs.”

Mindless apes I say. Focus, please. Read a couple of books about evolutionary biology, try to understand what your biological destination is and try to fulfill it as soon as possible.

Who said that optimizing your body and your mind and then looking for the right partner is an easy task? But then again.

Being socially and sexually successful is not mandatory.

Being wealthy is not mandatory

Here comes the pain. If family and society ruin women on the family/relationships pillar, us men are 100 times more ruined on the financial pillar.

Since birth, society and family condition us that mediocrity is the only way there is. Aim high is not for us, Ferraris are out of our league, being financially free before 70 is impossible, having many children with more than one woman is out of the question.

Even the biggest lie, will become your reality if you repeatedly hear it over and over again for so many years.

Your father being an average guy himself, never thought it would be possible to achieve more, so this is the destiny he chose for his son as well.

Your mother, on the other hand, being a mediocre woman herself, she couldn’t help your sister gear up with more knowledge and ambition to pursue a better life for herself.

That’s the reason nine out of ten people, choose shitty day jobs, where they feel *secure*, instead of chasing their dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

Like I was saying with a friend of mine the other day, entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It asks for a strong stomach and tons of tenacity. One day your revenue will skyrocket and the other it will plummet.

But, you’ll have to stay on the course no matter what. You’ll need to start by making a solid plan, follow it and every now and then re-evaluate. Nobody’s gonna do it for ya. You’re solely responsible for making it in this life.

Become successful is optional, not everyone is gonna cut it.

Sure making money is hard, luckily becoming wealthy is not mandatory…

Closing remarks

Through this article (and a bit twist of irony), I tried to make you understand that for anything we want to achieve in this life, we need to fight for it.

Whether this is money, health or successful relationships, nothing comes for free. Life isn’t gonna hand it over to you like that. After all, it won’t give a tiny rat’s ass whether you want it or not.

Life only rewards those who have a plan, and they fight and bleed to make it happen.

For some people, everything in life is optional. Really. Being healthy is optional, being socially successful is optional, even being wealthy is optional too.

Thankfully for some of us, some things are not optional.

I won’t negotiate to be healthy. I won’t negotiate to be highly successful from a reproduction point of view. Hell, I won’t negotiate not to become financially free as soon as possible.

For some survival is not mandatory…

Fuck off I say. I didn’t come to this life to just exist.

I came to survive and make a difference!